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Imagine What Our Foundation Can Do ... Some Notes on Scholarships and Global Grants

by Anne Glenn, District Rotary Foundation Chair 2023-2026

As we move into October of our new year, here are a couple of notes and up-dates that might be interesting to our Clubs considering initiating District and Global Grants this year. 

As you know, TRF uses Grants as their vehicle to “Do Good in the World”.  And now is the time to take best advantage of the opportunities your Club might want to use.

Scholarships – Kathy Brandt and the Scholarship committee are looking for a few outstanding college students who either live, attend school or come from all areas of D6900 and are interested in pursuing post-graduate educational opportunities in another country. To be eligible, a student must pursue a course of study that fits into one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus and attend an accredited academic institution outside the USA. The Scholarship Committee is accepting applications now for students to be accepted for study beginning in the Fall of 2023.  Please contact Kathy directly at kgbrandt1@comcast.net.

Global Grants – If your Club is considering applying for a Global Grant this year, or you just want to know more about the process, you’ll be interested to know:

  • The District’s Global Grant Committee will be meeting to approve the first round of DDF funding early in October. To get approval for your GG Project in that meeting, please send me adillardglenn@gmail.com a brief description of the project you will be proposing and the anticipated budget before October 1, 2022. Please note: we are only asking for basic information and funding requests. This is not a formal grant request application. We initiated the Review committee last year when GG requests for funding substantially exceeded our ability to fund in one year. We anticipate a similar situation this year and want to provide the best projects, with maximum Rotarian involvement, the greatest support and District 6900 service we have to offer. 
  • We will continue working to help all D6900 Clubs who wish to participate in the Global Grant process get the chance to do it. In October we hope to finalize a new page for our District 6900 website that will allow Clubs to request help for their GG projects from other D6900 clubs. At the same time, this page will allow Clubs that don’t want to serve as a Host or International Partner to offer their support and assistance (financial, involvement or expertise) to other Club’s projects.Through a type of partnership/mentorship arrangement like this, we hope every club will have a better chance to “Imagine” their own better world. 

 Keep Imagining, 

Posted by Anne Glenn
September 23, 2022


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